The tour and the previous stops

Marco Voleri, professional tenor singer, tells us his story through his tour, combining the performance of some of the most important pieces from the classical repertoire, accompanied by famous artists at every date, with his personal experience with his desease, multiple sclerosis, reading extracts from his book “Sintomi di Felicità” (“Symptoms of happiness”)

It’s a tested format which unites the passion and the power of music to the touching and suggestive experience Marco has with his desease. Sacred music is the vehicle conveying a message of hope and courage, which is the soul of the Association’s cultural and human initiatives.

2016. The Tour in Lombardia together with extraordinary guests

2016 was a year rich in collaborations with extraordinary personalities from the artistic and classical music fields, such as Fabio Armiliato, Jessica Pratt, Mariella Devia, Roberto Prosseda, Gabriele, Baldocci, Serena Gamberoni and other artists who gave their voices to read the extracts from Marco Voleri’s book, artists of great renown such as Amanda Sandrelli and Michele Mirabella.
The tour took place in Lombardia, from April to May, in 8 suggestive churches, temples of spirituality and sacred music.
All these years of deep emotions and great achievement thanks to the committment and the energy invested to support an important project: raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis through music and art.
If you want to relive the beauty and the atmosphere of the 2016 Symptoms tour, you can check the gallery and the interactive library in the section “Media”.

2013. the Tour in 4 different cities

sintomi di felicità_tour_2013

Marco Voleri brings on stage his Symptoms of happiness for the first time in 2013, thanks to the collaboration with the Theater Verdi in Milan. A year full of emotions, music and stories where through his testimony he offers a touching and suggestive show in four important Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Florence and Bari.

2014. The Tour and Livorno

Sintomi di felicità_Tour_2014

In 2014 Livorno, Marco’s own home town, will be the first stop of the tour, in the Sacred Heart Church. In this important and exciting event he will be accompanied in performing some sacred music pieces by the Triplet of the School of Music “Sinfonia” in Lucca, Massimo Salotti (piano), Simonetta Ottone (performing dramatization) and Alessio Parmigiani (narrator).

2015. The Tour and “Avvenire”

Sintomi di Felicità_Tour_2015

2015 is a very important year for the Tour, because besides all the events scheduled, it will also be involved in the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of “Avvenire”, a very important Italian Catholic newspaper with national distribution.